Paving and Garden Fencing in Romsey  
Which is Built to Last

When installing new fencing, paving or wooden gates, you want to know you will get the best possible lifespan. However, many factors can affect the condition of these features, most notably bad weather. As such, it is important to use quality materials and professional installation methods. To ensure garden fencing, gates and garden paving withstand the winter and last for many years, it is best to hire a reputable and highly skilled company, such as Four Seasons Fencing & Garden Services. Here, we explain what goes into the creation of durable fencing and paving.

Based in the New Forest, our fencing contractors work in all the surrounding areas, including Romsey, providing fencing repair, replacement and installation alongside numerous other services. We hope the following information will give you confidence in choosing us for your project.


Unsuitable or low-quality materials result in fences which break, rot, wear and fall over more easily. For a strong, long-lasting fence, it is vital to use the best materials for the job. At Four Seasons, we make all our garden fencing from heavy duty, high-quality wood which is perfectly suited to this application. Likewise, we use the finest hardwood for wooden gates.

We also ensure all posts and gravel boards meet the highest standards and use galvanised stainless-steel fixings. Galvanised steel will not rust for 30 years or more. The standard of our materials is the same for new fences, fencing repairs and replacements.


Even if you have the best materials, bad installation will mean your fence, gate or paving does not last. Our fencing contractors in Romsey use specialist equipment and methods to install posts and panels securely so they do not lean or wobble. The same applies to gate posts. We also ensure wooden gates open and close smoothly, are level and fill the available gap.

When it comes to garden paving, we undertake correct ground preparations and ensure surfaces have appropriate drainage. We then follow industry methods to lay paving, such as providing suitable and even spacing between slabs to prevent issues like premature erosion. Our installations are level, strong and free from problems such as standing water and loose pavers.

Finishes and Treatments

It is no secret that wood rots, warps and can be subject to insect infestation, mould and other issues. As such, if you want wooden garden fencing or gates to last, it is important to protect the timber. When providing services in Romsey and the surrounding areas, our fencing contractors provide wood treatments to protect fences and gates from all kinds of issues.

We use paints, stains and preservatives which are specially designed to enhance and protect the specific type of wood used. Our team can provide this service as part of fencing repair and maintenance. It is also possible to apply a sealer to garden paving. This helps prevent frost damage, the growth of moss, mould and algae, and protects paving from substances such as oil and grease.

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