Fencing Repair in Eastleigh  
Repair or Replace Wooden Fences and Gates?

Garden fencing and gates often become damaged, especially during the winter. They also deteriorate over time. However, it can be difficult to know if gate or fencing repairs will be suitable, or if a full replacement is the best option. As fencing contractors with over 20 years of combined experience, we are here to provide advice on when to repair and when to replace wooden gates and fences. We also offer advice and services for garden paving.

Covering Eastleigh and all the surrounding areas, our team can help you keep your fence in good condition and serving its purpose. Our services include repairs, replacements and new installations, so whatever you need, we can help.


We only undertake repairs where results will be strong and effective. This depends on the severity and type of damage as well as the overall condition of your installation. In many instances, it is possible to carry out gate or fencing repairs, but we always provide honest advice.

Fence Posts – You may notice your fence posts are unsecure, leaning or rotten, or your fence may be wobbly. Our fencing contractors in Eastleigh can install extra supports, fill post holes which are too big and replace individual fence posts where necessary.

Fence Panels – If garden fencing is in overall good condition but one or several panels have some damage, it is economical to repair or replace individual panels. This can involve replacing rotten or damaged slats and gravel boards, or whole panels.

Gates – As with fences, if damage is not too severe, we can repair wooden gates and supporting posts. This includes single and double gates which have warping, rotten timber or faulty hardware.

Paving – Our company in Eastleigh and the surrounding areas also provides garden paving and if pavers or bricks are damaged, we may be able to carry out repairs by simply replacing individual slabs.


If your fence or gate is in pretty bad condition, it is more cost-effective to replace it than carry out fencing repairs. This will also ensure the best performance. As a good rule of thumb, if more than half of your garden fencing is broken, it is best to replace it. In addition, if panels are old and dried out, they can be hard to repair and break more easily, so our fencing contractors recommend replacing the fence.

Homeowners in Eastleigh may also wish to consider replacing wooden gates or fences if they are poor quality, either in terms of materials or installation. A new fence from Four Seasons Fencing & Garden Services will ensure maximum longevity and greater peace of mind. This is because we use the finest wood and expert installation methods to deliver maximum strength and durability.

As well as fence and gate replacements, our team can replace old garden paving, giving you the perfect paving or patio to enjoy your garden to the full.

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